Lakshadweep: Wanna see the beauty of nature? know how to reach there

know how to reach Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is a good place to enjoy the beauty of nature. This place has come into discussion after PM Narendra Modi’s arrival here.

The deep blue water of the sea and the sound of the waves attract you. People like to go to Bali or Maldives to see the blue water sea. But you can enjoy all these things even while staying in India. Yes, Lakshadweep is a great place to sit on the sea shore and see nature.
Recently, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also reached this place. After which, after seeing his pictures, people are also planning to visit here.
Most people want to know how to reach Lakshadweep. If you also want to know this then read this article-

How to Reach Lakshadweep:
Lakshadweep is on the shores of the Arabian Sea. It can be reached here only by water ship or flight. To go to Lakshadweep, you first have to reach Kochi. Generally, it is easy to get flights to Kochi from airports of all cities. Then you can take a ship or flight from here to Lakshadweep. The journey by ship takes 14 to 20 hours. However, if you want to reach early, you can take a direct flight from Kochi to Agatti Airport. From Agatti Island you can go to Minicoy Island, Kalpeni Island and other islands by boat.

When to go to Lakshadweep:
Although Lakshadweep is a place where there is pleasant weather throughout the year, but the best time to visit is considered to be between October to March. However, some people visit Lakshadweep even in summer between March and May.

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